Mexican FM3 Visa

Ciudad de Merida – 93F/73F, Wind S at 7mph, Humidity 46%, Partly Cloudy

Mexican FM3 Visa.  The young, beautiful and talented Yesenia Lope (Girl Friday:  The Patron Saint of all Expats in Merida) came through.  She cut a 4 to 5 week process to just 2 weeks and really earned her fee.  She picked us both up at 10:15am this morning, and drove us over to the Immigration office for our 10:20am appointment (we were only 5 minutes late).  We had about a 10 minute wait in the small waiting area before we were called back into the Inner Sanctum to process the final paperwork.  Within 15 minutes Joel and I each had  our new laminated Mexican FM3 Residential Visas.  The FM3 is important to us for a couple of reasons:  1.  It allows us to stay in Mexico for one year (instead of 6 months) before we have to renew our Visas, and we can renew it on an annual basis at the local Immigration office without having to leave the country and then re-enter the country.  Very convenient.  2.  It takes a FM3 Visa to get our scoots registered and outfitted with the required placas (no more hassles with the Policia).  Hopefully, we will get that all accomplished early this next week … and then we are FREE TO ROAM THE COUNTRY.  Schweet!

Buenas tardes y adios amigos

P.S.  The Dengue Fever continues to abate and I am on the mend.  Tired, but much better.

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