Steve in Merida

Steve sweating it out in Ciudad de Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Muy Calor.  By Saturday it’s supposed to be 106F, and with the humidity that should place the Heat Index at somewhere around 110F.  This isn’t like March in San Diego, that’s for darn sure. 110F is really HOT in anyone’s book.


4 responses to “Sheesh!

    • Hola Coreen, We arrived in Merida last April. It was pretty warm, but not stifling. By June and July and beyond it gets really hot like this. But Summer is rainy season, and just about when you think the heat is going to kill you it rains, and the temperature drops 20 degrees in minutes. Winter is beautiful here, but we survive the the Summer months okay … live like the locals: Sleep in hammocks, take a Siesta, stay out of the afternoon sun. We run errands either in the morning or evening hours. Our casa is not air-conditioned, most gringos invest in AC, but we use fans. We love it here, and it will be difficult to leave when we continue our travels into Central and South America, before heading back to Asia. This weather pattern is very similar to what I’ve experienced in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. Don’t let it discourage you from visiting. It’s a beautiful, wonderfully exciting and VERY SAFE city. Probably the safest in all of Mexico. And the medical surpasses the care you receive in the States, at a fraction of the cost (most doctors are trained in the USA or Europe).

  1. for all you watchers…..that is a real, un photoshopped photo of Steve….thought everyone would like to know that…!!!

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