Great Egrets In B&W

All images were photographed early this morning in EcoParque, and converted to Black & White.  As stated many times before, in previous posts, I am an old (emphasis on old) Black & White photography guy.  There is just something about Black & White that stirs my soul. Maybe it’s the isolation of the subject, without the distraction of color.  I also like it in Hollywood, Film noir is the BEST.  Did you see ‘The Artist’ last year?  A silent movie shot in Black & White, and it won the Oscar.  Click on individual images to enlarge.





3 responses to “Great Egrets In B&W

  1. Hi Steve, Aren’t egrets magnificent?! I just returned from Florida where I saw many, many egrets and herons (among other wonderful wildlife). I’ve just started posting on FAA. These photos that you got are great!

  2. They are indeed Doris. Beautiful creatures. I’ll be anxious to view your photos. You know if you can make it to Florida you can surely make it to Merida. Just a couple of more hours on the plane. It’s not like it would cost you anything once you got here. And Joel and I are SAFE and TRUSTWORTHY (I promise). If you would ever like to come down for a visit and photography just let us know, we’re serious. Glad you had a nice time. And I’m glad you’re retired.

    • Hi Steve: I promise to think about it (and I trust you and Joel wholeheartedly :-)). Thanks so much for all your nice comments on FAA. I really appreciate them.

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