Un Año Aniversario

What a difference a ‘squiggle’ makes.  See that little wiggly thing above the letter ‘n’ in the title?  It has a name, but I dis-remember.  Anyway, it is our one year anniversary here in Merida; on April 5, 2012 we arrived in Ciudad de Merida, Yucatan, Mexico to begin our worldwide adventure.  Leave the squiggle out, and it becomes our one ‘asshole’ anniversary. You gotta be really careful down here.

Joel, for instance, not too long ago tried to ask Monica (at Cafe la Boheme) how old she was in Spanish.  In leaving the squiggle out of his pronunciation he inadvertently asked her how many assholes she had.  He was promptly corrected.  What’s the old saying:  A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.  So, Año with a ñ is year, but ano with a n is asshole (or anus if you want to be technical).  I am periodically reminded, by some, that I frequently devolve into vulgar language on this blog (so anus is clinical and asshole is vulgar?).  Now in English, year and asshole (anus) aren’t anywhere close in pronunciation—but in Spanish, quite the opposite is true.

Be that as it may, one year in Mexico and we’re still a couple of happy clams.  We live simple, we live cheap and we live happy.  Vamos a continuar la aventura.


6 responses to “Un Año Aniversario

  1. Thinking about dos anos (us Canucks have to be jovial otherwise we’re boring
    as heck) reminded me of something I saw printed on my calendar…in Germany,
    May 9th is Christi Himmelfahrt Vatertag ‘Day’ or better known as Ascension.
    I’m also an Ex-pat from Vancouver but I only got as far as San Diego, Ca.
    I really enjoy your blogs. And I love the Green Heron, the original photo…more
    Wishing you only happy days!
    Judy Pitt

    • Hola Judy,
      San Diego born and raised. Not the city it was in the 1950’s, but still a beautiful place to live. But I am thoroughly enjoying my travels abroad. Did a lot of photography at Lake Murray, Santee Lakes, Lake Jennings and Lindo Lake (not to mention Mission Trails Park). And, of course, La Jolla and Balboa Park are perennial favorites. Enjoy my town, and say hola to everyone.

  2. Nice to hear all those names again..I grew up in SD and know them all. As it happens, I’m not that far away from retirement and your experiences give me hope that I can do the same.

    love your book..it’s fascinating.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you for the nice comments on ‘The Book.’ There is ALWAYS hope mi amigo, it’s what keeps us going. I will hope for your speedy retirement. And you could do worse than Mexico. Love it here, but will be moving on to Central and South America, and back to Asia in the months and years to come.

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