It Ain’t All Laughs

It ain’t all laughs … it’s about the WORK.  No overnight successes.  No magic pill.  No crash course.  And it’s not all about the good times.  It is also about self-doubt, criticism, looking for approval, praise and acceptance.  So you want to be a photographer?  This video is for all of my photographer friends who follow this blog.  It is depressing, but encouraging at the same time …


6 responses to “It Ain’t All Laughs

  1. Wow! Just Wow…So melancholy! I was waiting for him to go through the tutorials lol! Good videography though. I chuckled and said YUP a few times. We all suck but we will get there! Good to know. Thanks. ~B

  2. I thought he was about to do a crash course in all aspects of photo-editing! The buying of sticks at IKEA cracked me up. So many people have bought into the stick decor thing. Anyway, the video was wonderful! Like you said, “it’s depressing but encouraging at the same time”. Thanks!

  3. Unfortunately, clinical depression is a horrible state of mind. I hope this
    gentleman seeks help. Sincerely, Judy

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