Pulled The Trigger

Well I pulled the trigger on the purchase of the Canon G15 compact digital camera. I almost went for the Canon G1 X, with its larger sensor, but it is a larger camera and kind of defeated the purpose of having a pocket camera as my backup shooter and everyday (keep it on me) camera.  The G15 replaces the very popular G12, and should be exactly the camera I need.  I looked at Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic and Sony, but I like the consistency of staying with Canon.  All of their cameras work pretty much the same way, and that really cuts down on the learning curve.  Plus, when you’re switching back and forth from one brand to another it can get frustrating in the heat of battle (and mistakes often occur).  Is the G15 the best? Best is a hard concept.  For what I need it to do it should prove more than adequate.  I will provide some updates (and photos) after I receive it sometime this coming week.  That should be the end of my photography purchases for quite some time to come. Great deal from Adorama:  included an extra battery; LowePro camera pouch; 8GB high speed memory card and mini-tripod.  All for $449 USD (including $50 rebate).


6 responses to “Pulled The Trigger

    • The Nikon CoolPix was very highly rated also. Lots of good stuff out there. Consistency of equipment is what finally decided me on the Canon. I didn’t want to learn a whole new system, and then have to switch off between two different operating systems. Basically I’m lazy.

    • Me too. I’m not expecting miracles when compared to my full frame DSLR, but this little guy is very well regarded. I like how you can control everything like a mini-DSLR (not just point & shoot), and I like that it has an optical viewfinder in addition to the LCD. The shooter has complete creative control when using this camera, and it even shoots in Raw which I now prefer. And I like that I can ‘easily’ carry it anywhere when I don’t want to lug the big guns all over. I’m anxious to give it a try. 🙂

  1. I’ve had this make on my radar for awhile. Would be great for street photography and situations when it’s not safe or practical to lug around a big camera.

    • It was a tough decision. It was between the G15 and the G1 X. The G15 is smaller and lighter, but the G1 X has a larger sensor. I finally opted for size and portability for my backup shooter, and will continue to use my Canon 5D Mk2 full frame (21 MP) DSLR for when I have critical work and/or need to print large. But I was missing a lot of photo ops by not having a camera with me at all times. The G15 is larger than many compact cameras, but will still fit nicely in my cargo pants (if not my Levi’s). I agree with you, it should make an awesome camera for Street Photography.

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