Black & White Street Photography

A little B&W Street Photography from this morning, in and around Cafe la Boheme and Paseo de Montejo.  Brenda, if you’re reading this post:  It was nice meeting both you and your mother this morning.  If I had been any kind of gentleman I would have bought you both a cup of coffee [I don’t know why the word coffee is hyperlinked here, but I can’t make it go away—just disregard it], that thought  totally missed my brain by a country mile.  Sorry for the oversight; let me make it up to you the next time you stroll by.

All images captured this morning with my Canon EOS 5d Mk2 camera and Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0L IS USM zoom lens.


Pedal Cart – 55mm, 1/500s @ f/4.5 ISO 160


Dermot – 105mm, 1/160s @ f/4.0 ISO 100


Ricardo – 105mm, 1/125s @ f/4.0 ISO 100


Monica – 105mm, 1/125s @ f/4.0 ISO 1000 (indoor available light)


My Yamaha BWs 125cc Scooter – 65mm, 1/320s @ f/4.0 ISO 100


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