Cafe La Boheme And The Competition

Cafe La Boheme


Cafe La Boheme is where I hangout ‘almost’ every morning (often times for 3-hours or more).  This image was taken this morning during the Labor Day parade, and then enhanced with HDR software and given a surreal painting effect.  Seated on the left in retreating order is:  Ricardo; Chris (co-owner of the cafe) and Alex with his coffee raised high (co-owner of the cafe).  Seated on the right is:  is Bad Gary in the red shirt (with arms folded) and Dermot with the white cap.  This is the table I sit at while drinking my coffee, smoking my Cuban cigars and eating my breakfast (a few times a week).  I do not know the woman coming out of the cafe.  Sorry.

The Competition


This is a common sight on Paseo de Montejo.  A man and his pedal cart selling his food, and with his small son coming along for the ride.  These little carts pass by all day long selling:  ice cream; corn; hot dogs; tamales and all kinds of stuff. Every few minutes it seems as if one will pass in front of our casa in Colonia de Santiago.  Each product cart has its own bell.  Ice cream has a different bell than pan dulce, which has a different bell than tamales, which has a different bell than agua.  Each neighborhood has its own little market, and a plethora of these small vending carts.


6 responses to “Cafe La Boheme And The Competition

  1. Very lovely scene. Love the little guy w/ his papa. This cart and the cafe are truly
    Mexico; charming…

  2. You see so many of them you tend to forget how unusual they are in much of the rest of the world (don’t know about Asia I’ve never been there). In Queretaro where I was last month you even get street vendors without carts, like the man (with his own set of bells) walking up and down the little streets selling newspapers, and another one collecting trash, and of course the balloon vendors, and the ones selling pull behind kids toys, and on and on. Barbara


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