Rare Photos


Steve deep in the Puuc (Photo by Little John)

Rare photos of yours truly:  Photographed by ‘Little John’ (Juanito).  John is a senior at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, and was part of the team installing the remote trail cameras deep in the Puuc.  This photograph was taken while we were setting up our second site of the day.  It was very hot, with a heat index of well over 100F.

The long approach hike was on a well maintained road/trail, but once we cut off onto the game trail the going always got tough.  The vines would not only grab your ankles causing you to trip and twist your ankle, but would often ensnare your hat and/or neck and threaten to take your head off.  Once determined, each camera site had to be cleared with a machete so blowing branches wouldn’t continually trip the remote cameras.

Physical exertion, in that kind of heat it, made it impossible to carry or drink enough water. And by the end of every day we were all severely dehydrated and suffering from heat exhaustion.  I managed to keep up with the kids (Little John, Casey and Faryen (all seniors from Millsaps College), but just barely.


Another shot of Steve deep in the Puuc  (Photo by Little John)

I’ve been bragging about my substantial weight loss since arriving in Mexico, so it’s rather disappointing to see a photo of myself looking chubby.  Most of the illusion (yes it’s an illusion) is caused by the wide-angle focal length (28mm), clothes that are XL and trying to fill up my stomach with water like a camel.  When I left the USA I weighed 215# and now it’s more like 185# or less.  The XL clothes fit very loose, but I like them that way.  Just didn’t want you to think I was lying about the weight loss … it IS for real.


2 responses to “Rare Photos

  1. Well, Steve, you look pretty “cool” to me!

    Thanks for all the hardships you guys endured so we can enjoy your photos and blogs from our A/C hovels, huts, and Mexican style casas!

    Happy Belated Birthday!

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