Rainy Season Arrives

The rainy season has finally arrived in Merida.  Historically, the rains come to Merida in June (and last about 6-months), but it has rained almost everyday this last week in May. And, for me, it is a welcome change.

Now we’re not talking all-day kind of rain here, but rather thunderstorms in the late afternoon and early evening hours (and sometimes at night).  The temperatures and humidity rise throughout the day, and by late afternoon they reach critical mass and it begins to storm. The temperatures will suddenly drop, sometimes by 15-20F,  and then it rains (sometimes hard) for an hour or so.

For those of you familiar with Hawaii (or Chicago) it is very similar.  You are free to go about your business for most of the day, and then it cools down as you get a good watering.  I like it.  The trick is to not get caught out in it, especially while riding the scoots.  I enjoy the drama of it:  The lightning, thunder and downpours.  Viva la agua.


One response to “Rainy Season Arrives

  1. Sounds ideal! I wish the Thunderstorms here in Michigan (USA) would behave in a more timely manner like that!

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