Update: MacBook Pro 13 Retina

So I’ve had my new MacBook Pro for 5-days now.  The little computer knowledge I have (and it’s VERY little indeed) has been limited to PC Windows.  This isn’t PC Windows.

Pros:  Perfect size and weight; the Retina screen image is to die for; the battery lasts forever (up to 7-hours); great build quality; love the color; like the ergonomics and keyboard design (everything is very minimal and uncluttered, very Zen-like).

Cons:  My learning curve is way too slow; doesn’t come with a CD/DVD drive (but I hardly ever use one anyway, and the weight savings is probably worth it in the long run (fewer moving parts).  I can always get an inexpensive external drive if I absolutely have to have one).

I think that I’m really going to like it once I’m back in my comfort zone.  It’s just that all of the terminology is so different, and the OS X Mountain Lion operating system is quite different from my Windows XP operating system.  Having said that, however, I have already organized my Desktop and have actually downloaded a few programs.  I have my Email, Facebook, Expat Journal (my blog) and Indochine Photography (my photography website) all up and running.  I’ve also downloaded a service called Overplay which assigns a USA IP address to my device which allows me to access Stateside television programming.  So I am making slow and steady progress (I try to learn and implement something new everyday, instead of getting overwhelmed by trying to learn and do everything all at once).  I’m all about reducing frustration at this point in my life.

Tomorrow I will start recreating my Photographic Tools Folder on the Mac.  I have a number of post edit software programs that I will have to install (which will be a bit costly) including PhotoShop Elements 11.  But I knew when I switched from PC to Mac I would have to duplicate my editing software.  It’s kind of like buying new lenses for your camera if you ever switch from Nikon to Canon (or visa-a-versa).

So far I am very happy with my decision, especially reducing my screen size from 15″ to 13″. I really like the smaller dimensions, both size and weight, for the improved portability it provides.  With the ultra-resolution of the Retina screen there isn’t any downside to having a smaller screen.  Digital photo editing should be a pleasure.  As I learn more I will post additional updates.

BTW, we have a real T-banger hanging over Merida.  The thunder and lightning (not to mention the rain) have been real active for the past few hours.  Love it.  And for you Pedro Gonzalez fans out there, he just skittered across my bedroom wall without so much as a howdy-do.  Little shitbird, I haven’t seen him in months and he can’t even say hola.


9 responses to “Update: MacBook Pro 13 Retina

  1. Hi Steve: When you moved to Mexico last year, what were the visa requirements for yourself, and for any belongings you moved there with you? A friend’s husband has been transferred to Mexico and they are moving there with apparently a lot of their stuff. She wrote to say that it will take 4 to 12 weeks to handle all the visa requirements. Of course he is moving there for a full time job with an American company, and I only want to live there part-time, and I’m retired. Just wondering what I might be facing? Barbara Ross Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2013 23:02:00 +0000 To: baross88@hotmail.com

  2. It’s my understanding that if you’re going to get a Resident Visa (the old FM3), as opposed to just a temporary Tourist Visa, you have to do it at a Mexican Embassy in the States (or Canada, or wherever you currently live) before you come down. I believe you will have to have a Resident Visa if you’re going to ship stuff down. All I had was a day pack and duffel so no problem. We just renewed our Resident Visas for 2-years, but I think you can get them from 1 to 4-years (and pay accordingly). I would either visit (or Google) your closest Mexican Embassy or Consulate for more information. Good luck.

  3. I remember that it took me quite a while to adjust to the Mac after a PC and at first I wasn’t sure if I liked it…but of course after a while I found it to be such a wonderful tool to have. Now of course I wouldn’t dream of returning to the PC world…Hope you will like yours as much as I like mine…BTW…Mac and PC almost seem like the left and right hemispheres of the brain to me…

  4. I use a MAC for my editing. I prefer my Elements 9. I tried the 11 and it just didn’t have all the lil features my 9 has. I have been meaning to contact customer service regarding it. I’ve had some pixilation issues with working with my aperture and PSE in conjunction (still haven’t figured that out yet). Sometimes I don’t have patience in dealing with the technical difficulties that arise with digital photography.

    • I had PSE10 on my PC and really liked it. Some of the features were hard to find, because compared to previous editions they were buried deep in the menus. Downloading to my new Mac I went with the updated PSE11. Anxious to try it out. I share your technical frustrations with some aspects of digital photography (I’m an old film guy), but the creative license it gives you (in the long run) is incredible. Happy shooting.

      • Yeah as more tech comes along I find that some features are made so much easier ~ that’s a plus, and the creative tools are endless. I feel the 11 is simplified and is easy for a newer user to figure out. There is always something to learn. I’ve gotta keep up!
        I am snappin’ something everyday! Obsessed. haha! Enjoying your recent posts along the way.

  5. Hola Steve,
    After reading your review of the 13″ Retina, I’m convinced it will better serve my immediate and future (planning on doing a lot of traveling like you!) needs. Did you order the one with the extra GB, which goes for about $13K at B&H?
    Having similar weather here in NJ, and am loving it. Anything to keep the High temps down!

    • Standard 8GB RAM with 256GB memory. Still about double what I had with my Dell Inspiron 1520. Living in Yucatan I purchased my MacBook Pro for approx $2,200 USD (including VAT & free shipping) online at the Apple Store, Mexico City.

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