Kite Flying

An AMAZING feat of kite flying.  Many, many years ago (when I was but a wee lad) a ‘gentle’ man named Otto, from Indonesia, taught me how to make small Indonesian (tailless) fighting kites from bamboo, tissue paper and thread.  My kite was white, and I painted a large, orange Japanese meatball on it to replicate the Japanese flag.  My kite was indestructible, and I could do a number of tricks with it.  I will never forget Otto for teaching me the skill & thrill of  Indonesian kite fighting.  Enjoy this video and the artistry it presents.


4 responses to “Kite Flying

  1. Was looking forward to viewing the kite flying video. It only showed a still photo, no video…on my IPad. 😦
    Do you show instructions on how to make one of these kites? Would be fun to try!

  2. Video should play okay on your computer (not sure why it doesn’t on your iPad). I double checked and it is working okay. No instructions included, sorry.

    • Finally! It came thru! Amazing and beautiful! I had no idea kites could be controlled so precisely. Thanks for posting!

  3. Wow, that from my town, Vancouver! That’s a popular kite flying spot near Kitsilano Beach. I’ll have to head down there this summer with my camera…

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