Transportation Costs


My transportation costs here in Yucatan.  I had to renew my vehicle insurance, for my scoot, this morning.  Outrageous!  The entire cost for one year (not per month), including all applicable fees came to $960 MXN.  That comes to $75 USD per year, or $6.25 USD per month.  You can understand why I’m angry.  Add that to my gas bill, of  approximately $6.70 USD per month, and it comes to a whopping $12.95 USD per month for my transportation costs.  Just unacceptable.

And, to add insult to injury, I just priced deluxe ADO bus transportation, for an upcoming trip to Campeche, at $13.00 USD for a 2-hour trip down the coast.  My-oh-my, what is the world coming to?  I’m going to go broke at these rates.

For those not picking up on the heavy sarcasm, this post is very tongue-in-cheek. Transportation costs in Mexico are very low compared to the USA and Canada.  I live well in Mexico on pennies …


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