Followup To: What’s In A Name

With self-disclosure comes the knowledge you’re not alone.  So many of you have responded to my post:  What’s In A Name.  Some publicly via comments, and others privately through email.  Thank you all for sharing your thoughts (and concerns).  To reiterate (for those concerned about my mental health), I am not depressed or writing ‘under the influence.’  Just reflective.  Retirement does allow more time for one to reflect.  I’m not always convinced this is a good thing (but it probably is, even if painful at times).  In this day of sound bites it is reassuring to know that there are people who really care, and people who have the very same thoughts and feelings.  Now in my 60’s I have the urge to tidy things up, but I also realize that you can’t always do that.  It is not always possible to undo the bad decisions we’ve made, but by sharing our collective wisdom (or at least experiences) maybe we can help to mitigate the damage going forward.  Self-disclosure isn’t easy, and often times appears to be self-serving (the old poor me syndrome you see so often on FB), but it does help to clarify one’s importance within the cosmos … and sometimes it may actually help someone else looking for answers to the eternal questions. Your responses have just helped to remind me how many good friends I actually have in this world (and many of you I’ve never even met face to face).  Though I resist the temptation, I can’t promise that I won’t puke up my innermost feelings from time to time going forward.  Expat Journal is my therapy, my catharsis … and it helps me to clarify my thinking to put my thoughts down in written form.  Love you all.


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