Blood, Guts & Eggs Benedict

So, Joel and I wanted a change of pace for breakfast this morning, and we decided to head over to Los Benes for some Eggs Benedict.  I wrote a post about Los Benes sometime back, but in summary they serve every kind of Eggs Benedict imaginable.  I’m talking like two pages of choices, all served with country fried potatoes.  Also, every other Thursday is our late morning.  What is a late morning you ask?  A late morning is a morning where our housekeeper Lupita comes to clean.  Both Joel and I are terrified of her, and we don’t want to be anywhere around when she is busy cleaning.  Don’t get me wrong, Lupita is very nice, but she is also very tough.  However, it turns out that she was late this morning herself, and didn’t show up until right after we returned home (we stayed in our respective bedrooms until she was gone).  Los Benes is kind of upscale for breakfast, but worth it. Two (doble) Eggs Benedict with Canadian Bacon and country fried potatoes:  $85 MXN ($6.50 USD).  I don’t know how this would compare to Stateside prices these days, but it’s a little pricey for down here.

Los Benes is about a 10-minute scooter ride from Avenida Paseo de Montejo, but with lots of traffic on Avenida Technologico.  We were heading up Calle 39, and about to make our right hand turn onto Calle 60 (which turns into Avenida Technologico) when I saw a guy on a scooter (ahead of me) go flying over the hood of a car.  He went flying, his scooter (now in pieces) stayed on this side of the car.  As so often happens the driver of the car took off at a high rate of speed.  Hit and run.  Too many drivers down here drive uninsured, and would rather risk a hit and run than get caught and go to jail.  I parked my scoot and ran over to offer assistance at about the same time a doctor (in whites) stopped his car and ran over to help.  I don’t think the rider was hurt too badly, some broken ribs and maybe a collarbone would be my guess.  The first cop on scene took off after the hit and run driver, and the second cop showed up in a couple of minutes.

Blood, Guts & Eggs Benedict.  Some morning indeed.  And then home to Lupita.

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