My Pet Mouse Died


My pet mouse finally died.  It wasn’t quick and easy, but slow and agonizing.  I actually thought they lived longer.  He was about 6-years old, and I loved the little guy.  Let’s call him Freddie for the sake of convenience.

Freddie has been struggling for some weeks now, maybe even months if I’m truly honest with myself.  It’s hard to be objective where pets are concerned.  Freddie was better on some days than others, but eventually it just became too much for him—so I euthanized him today.  He was unplugged from life support and he expired peacefully.

I purchased a new pet mouse, at our local WalMart (I know, I know), this morning and my Apple MacBook Pro seems to like him well enough.  Unlike Freddie who was jet black and manufactured by Logitech, Mikey is a vibrant blue and manufactured by Microsoft.  He cost me $298 MXN or $23 USD.  I don’t know if this is a good price or not.  It does beat the heck out of Apple’s Magic Mouse (or whatever the hell they call it) for about $70 USD.  The biggest difference between Freddie and Mikey is the wireless receiver that plugs into the USB port.  Freddie’s was large, and Mikey’s is itty-bitty (although I would never embarrass him by telling him that).

Mikey seems to be full of piss & vinegar and chomping at the bit.  I will miss Freddie, but one has to move on.  It’s nice having a younger mouse around the house, but he does wear me out occasionally.


8 responses to “My Pet Mouse Died

  1. Wow…6 years is a LONG time when it comes to mice and rats…generally in my experience it’s about half that or less.

    Sorry to hear of your loss.

  2. Lol! You really had me feeling sorry for you….for a minute. I admit, I was surprised at your “mothering ability” to keep a mouse alive for 6 yrs thru all your travels! I really enjoy hearing about your experiences and thoughts on this blog.

  3. Oh Steve! You had me going. I was about to ask you why you hadn’t considered euthanasia earlier to avoid the “slow and agonizing” demise of your mouse when I finally “got it”. Don’t do this to me!! …. 🙂

    • Sorry my friend, sometimes I just can’t help myself (it’s either an affliction or an addiction). On another subject, how is your retirement going so far? Are you able to relax and take full advantage of it at this point, or are you still downshifting? Just about the time I think I’ve downshifted about as much as I can, I find a lower gear still and relax even more. It’s wonderful. Sorry again about the mouse.

      • OK … I forgive you for the mouse story … 🙂
        Retirement is wonderful in that I have less stress, am getting more fresh air, more exercise, more sleep and better meals … but … I’ve never felt so bad! By that I mean, I have been coming down with various viruses, contracted a bladder infection, have developed painful osteoarthritis in my hands and elbow, have borderline hypothyroidism and need cataract surgery!! Yikes – what is happening?! Could work actually be good for you?! I suppose not, I guess it is just a matter of timing …
        Anyway, thanks for asking. 🙂

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