Followup To Eye Exam


I promised that I would followup on my eye exam once I had ordered my new glasses. So here goes.  I spent a ton of money for two new pairs of glasses, but then I would have spent a ton of money in the States too.  The prices I paid seem to be comparable to what I paid in California approximately 5-years ago (at WalMart).  And that was after my insurance paid for part of it.  So, bottom line, I think I paid less here in Mexico than I would have paid Stateside.

Here is a breakdown of the pricing (mostly for my women readers).  I have a very heavy prescription (translated as:  I’m as blind as a bat), and require bifocals.  It made no sense to me to stick expensive lenses into cheap, breakable frames.  So I opted for expensive designer frames to circumvent the problem and to satisfy my male vanity.

I chose Dulce & Gabbana titanium metal frames for my regular glasses, with progressive (no line) bifocals and transition lenses.  The frames were $3,440 MXN ($271 USD), and the lenses were $3,250 MXN ($256 USD).  The grand total coming in at $6,690 MXN ($547 USD).That was about what I paid (including insurance) 5-years ago in California.

For my prescription sunglasses (lente por sol) I chose Oakley frames with single vision (no bifocals) polarized lenses.  The frames cost me $2,010 MXN ($158 USD), and the lenses ran an additional $2,260 MXN ($178 USD).  The grand total for my sunglasses came in at $4,270 MXN ($336 USD).  Again, about what I paid (including insurance) 5-years ago in California.

My impressions about pricing here in Mexico:  You pay much less for the actual eye examination by a well-trained ophthalmologist (not optometrist).  You pay about the same for designer frames (or maybe a little more) at the retail level.  Online the same frames could be purchased for less, but after you pay the import (VAT) duty they would probably cost more.  I think you pay less down here for equivalent lenses.  Overall, I think you benefit from a modest savings over Stateside prices here in Mexico, but not the extreme savings you might enjoy on other products and services.

Can you buy eyeglasses cheaper?  Absolutely.  A friend of mine just purchased very simple eyeglasses (no bells & whistles) down here for about $500 MXN ($40 USD).  It just depends on what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to pay.  I wanted something that would last the next five or six years without problems, and flatter my handsome good looks.  But the best part:  They will be ready for pickup tomorrow (despite the complex prescription). In the States I had to wait for almost a month.


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