Bragging Rights


My very beautiful 27-year old daughter:  Kristina Marie Estes.  She is a ‘Natural’ Beauty like her mother, and has a wonderful, generous heart full of love and compassion.  She is a graduate of Biola University and has a B.A. degree in Intercultural Studies.  She spent a summer working for the NGO Food For The Hungry in Rwanda, Africa, and taught young children in Seoul, Korea for over a year.  She has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and Southeast Asia (often alone with her backpack).  She currently works for the NGO Invisible Children (link:  Invisible Children), combating the damage inflicted upon young children by Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda, Africa.  Kony, basically a warlord, kidnaps young children and forces them into his army (or kills them). They are forced to perpetrate the most horrific war crimes imaginable in the name of the LRA.  Invisible Children has been established to track down and bring Kony to international justice, and to help these children recover from years of trauma and abuse.  As you can imagine, I am a very proud parent.  My two sons, Shawn and Michael, are also incredible human beings.  I wish that I could take credit for my three extraordinary children but, alas, they’ve achieved everything in their lives on their own.  By the way fellas, Kristina is single, but it would take an equally extraordinary man to win her heart.


One response to “Bragging Rights

  1. She sounds wonderful, of course! No surprise there…Would love to meet her sometime! Perhaps we will have another family reunion at some point!!!!

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