Forest Nymph

Butterfly BW Framed

(Click image to enlarge)

Canon EOS 5D Mk2 with EF 70-200mm f/4L USM lens (100mm 1/640s @ f/4.0 ISO 200)

This butterfly reminded me of a Forest Nymph or Faire.  The final image has something of the fantastical about it.  I liked the original color image well enough, but I often go back to B&W (my roots) for creative inspiration.  I converted the original color image to B&W in PSE11 (Vivid Scenic), and then added about 15% noise (graininess) to lend it a more ethereal look and feel.  Finally I matted & framed the final image in a ‘Museum’ presentation format.  I like how the B&W isolates the subject, and how the noise lends a dreaminess quality to the scene.  Not everyone is a rabid fan of B&W, but I find it ideal for setting mood, whereas color can easily distract.  Ansel Adams knew and appreciated this aspect of B&W photography, and brought the process to near perfection.  If you appreciate fine art, sit down with a collection of Ansel’s work sometime and lose yourself in its ‘mood’ and ambience.  For presentation and pricing options on this image:  (Click Here).


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