Isla Mujeres Bound


On Tuesday, September 17th we are bound for Isla Mujeres.  We just booked our First Class tickets, with ADO, for Cancun for $300 MXN ($23 USD).  It is a 4-hour bus trip from Merida, so we should be arriving in Cancun at about noon, and then we’ll head to Isla Mujeres via water taxi.  We haven’t decided quite yet how long we’ll stay, but it will probably be for about a week (maybe longer … who knows).  With my fractured Spanish it’s always a crapshoot whether I can make myself understood when planning outings like this. I first ask if they can speak English (Habla English?), and of course the answer is almost always no. Then I say:  Mi Espanol no es bueno, lo siento while waving my hands around and frowning (and then I laugh).  Then I pull out my little slip of paper where I’ve written what I need via Google Translate (and sometimes that’s as funny as my attempts at Spanish). In this case it looked something like this:  Estamos viajando a Isla Mujeres y necesitamos boletus a Cancun.  9-17-2013 GL autobus (Merida Centro) en 0800 a.m. Pathetic, huh?  I have almost mastered Caveman Spanish:  All grunts, faces, gestures and single words.  Okay, my Mexican friends, you can stop laughing now.


8 responses to “Isla Mujeres Bound

  1. Everything you wrote about trying to converse in Spanish is true of my attempts to converse in French. And I have lived in Quebec all my life! My only excuse is that I grew up in an “Anglo” ghetto and I am language-challenged. Now THAT is pathetic! 🙂

  2. If you make it through Puerto Juarez (semi-affectionately know as the Port of Liars), it’s a beautiful island. Last time I visited I was a student and we wanted to take the cheap ferry, but they told us that it didn’t exist even though the sign said it did. I guess they assumed we didn’t speak Spanish. Magically, and right on time, the slow boat appeared, and it was a great trip. There’s a lot to do for such a small island, the people are friendly, and many speak Ingles because the cruise ships send people over weekly. Enjoy your trip!

  3. I’ve taken the cheap ferry from Cancun but a dozen tour guides surrounded me as soon as I landed. I did end up taking a snorkelling and dinner tour on a small boat with other tourists. I was lucky and it turned out great, especially for the modest price. Nice group, excellent swim in shallow, crystal clear water, lots pretty fish and we had BBQ on the beach as the sunset. It was pretty darn close to perfect! I wouldn’t worry too much about your Spanish. They get plenty of tourists there so you’ll be fine. I bet you get lots of great pics!

  4. It was a totally amazing day! The snorkeling was the best and I’d snorkeled near Cozumel and Cancun. Unfortunately I didn’t have an underwater camera with me. The clarity of the water and the light was just perfect! I even came face to face with a large barracuda! I was so close that I could see it’s teeth! I was more than a little nervous. Fortunately it wasn’t interested in me.

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