Laundry Day In Mexico

Laundry Day Painting LR

Laundry Day in Mexico

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Arriving on Isla Mujeres during stormy weather, I was somewhat surprised to see this laundry fluttering in the salty sea breeze in between the frequent rain squalls.  I thought it was a pretty optimistic thing to do considering that very little sun was actually breaking through the tropical storm clouds.  I had been strolling the Malecon (boardwalk) paralleling the Caribbean Ocean when I noticed this colorful image:  a few weak rays of sun had just broken through the clouds, the motion and sound of the flapping clothes  caught my eye’s attention, and then I really noticed all of the colors, textures and geometric juxtapositions making for a great overall composition.  Two quick snaps of the shutter and the sun once again disappeared behind the threatening storm clouds, and the moment was gone as so often happens in photography.  The original digital image was captured in CameraRAW using my Canon EOS 5D Mk2 with its EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM zoom lens.  I converted the RAW image in PhotoShop Elements 11, and then processed it using a Classic Oil Painting effect.  I am very pleased with the painting effect, and I think it clearly represents the color and vibrancy of Mexico.


5 responses to “Laundry Day In Mexico

  1. What a fortunate catch! I love that painterly effect also! I wonder if people realize what beauty they are creating as they go about such ordinary daily tasks?

    • Doubtful … I think that’s where the artist (photographer) translates the ordinary into the [extra]ordinary. Although the scene captured my attention, the original digital image (shot in CameraRAW) was very nondescript. It was only through judicious cropping and post-editing that a vision ‘similar’ to what my biological eye actually saw slowly came into focus. That’s where folks with the ‘eye’ have the advantage … they often see beauty (or the possibility of beauty) where others don’t. To many observers this is simply old laundry hanging in back of a rundown house … and for them I feel truly sorry. They miss out on the ‘richness’ of life. That’s why I like fellow photographers and artists so much, they see where others don’t.

  2. You are absolutely right! I see a picture everywhere I look. Even in an ordinary apt complex here, there are mini photographs everywhere. At the moment, I seem to be lacking initiative and am trying to get my groove back though! I just missed the best closeup of a humming bird! (No camera in hand….not sure how I’d have composed this anyways) I had on a bright red dress and I guess he thought I was large flower or something. He hovered for quite a while…. (I froze)…directly in front of my nose…so close I had to look crosseyed to focus on his black needle-like bill. I guess I’m lucky he didn’t stick his beak up my nose or in my eye…looking for nectar! That would have been a story for the ER doc! Yikes!

  3. Hi Steve,
    I think I have fallen in love w/ the Laundry Day in Mexico photo.
    I keep thinking how pretty it would look in my home. I live on Mt. Helix and
    my house is looking pretty rustic after 40 years!! I have a perfect place for it.
    Would you be able to give me a ballpark figure including shipping and handling.
    Although, I know you’re going on another trip soon.
    But, I’m definitely interested.
    Thank you,

    • I am flattered Judy. Thank you for considering a purchase. I am including a direct link to my online gallery, and they do a really nice job. They normally ship within 3 days, and guarantee safe delivery. Once you go to the link you can ‘virtually’ choose any presentation format and size you wish, plus additional options. You can configure it yourself in minutes, and actually see what it will look like. You can do that FREE … no charge until checkout. In case there is trouble with the link I am also providing my website/gallery information for you: > Galleries > Paintings > Mexican Laundry Day. Here is the link to take you there:

      I don’t usually discount my work, but …

      At check out enter this discount code for a 15% preferred customer discount (good until Oct 15): GLHARC

      It will automatically discount your selection 15% (except for shipping).

      In your shopping cart and during checkout you will be provided with the exact cost (including shipping).

      If you have any questions please let me know: Stephen.Dennstedt@YMail.Com

      Thank you again for considering a purchase … it’s a HUGE compliment.

      Best wishes,


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