A Cemetery With No Name

Cemetary Framed

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Isla Mujeres is a great place for ‘no names.’  For instance, the only town on the island is simply called El Pueblo (the town).  And the town’s cemetery?  You guessed it:  El Cementerio (the cemetery).  At least it keeps things simple (almost to the extreme).  The following passage is excerpted from:  Foder’s 2011 Cancun, Cozumel & Yucatan Peninsula travel guide.

          “Isla’s unamed cemetery, with its century-old colorful gravestones, is on Avenida Lopez Mateos, the road that runs parallel to Playa Norte.  Many of the tombstones are covered with carved angels and flowers; the most elaborate and beautiful mark the graves of children.  Hidden among them is the tomb of the notorious Fermin Mundaca de Marechaja. This 19th-century slave trader—who’s often billed more glamorously as a pirate—carved his own skull-and-crossbones gravestone with the ominous epitaph:  AS YOU ARE, I ONCE WAS; AS I AM, SO SHALL YOU BE.  Mundaca’s grave is empty, however; his remains lie in Merida [where I am currently living], where he died [in a brothel as it turns out].  The monument is tough to find—ask a local to point out the unidentified marker (I couldn’t find the marker on my visit).”

This quaint little village cemetery is beautiful in its way—some grave sites are well maintained, while others have fallen into disrepair.  It’s close to the center of town and Playa Norte, and within easy walking distance from almost anywhere in El Pueblo.  If you have the time it’s worth wandering in and out of the various sites and gravestones to view a piece of poignant history.

Cross Framed

(Click on image to enlarge)


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