On Display At Cafe la Boheme

Abandoned Hotel LR

“Abandoned Hotel”

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Two new ‘limited edition’ Fine Art images will be available soon, to my Merida customers, and will be on display at Cafe la Boheme (Paseo de Montejo C37 y C39).  Both images were recently captured on Isla Mujeres.  The first, Abandoned Hotel, poignantly illustrates the Man vs. Nature conundrum.  The hotel was abandoned and remains empty even today after suffering mortal wounds as a result of a violent hurricane that devastated Cancun a few years ago.  The second, Laundry Day, was taken between rain squalls while strolling the Malecon (boardwalk) paralleling the Caribbean Ocean on the windward side of the island. Laundry Day expresses the beauty in everyday scenes with its light, textures and colors.  Both images will be limited to only 35 prints total, and both of these prints will be signed & numbered 1/35 (the first print of each).  They will be printed on quality painter’s canvas using an Epson color printer, and then stretched and mounted.  They will be displayed and sold without frames, but are suitable for framing post purchase.  They will be large canvases measuring approximately 32 x 48 inches (2.67 x 4 feet).  Nic at SoHo Galleries will be doing the printing, stretching and mounting.  The cost of each canvas will be: $3,500 MXN (pesos).  Stop in some morning (next week) at Cafe la Boheme to view these new Fine Art prints, have a cup of coffee and maybe even breakfast.  Note to my USA and foreign customers:  These two images will be available for purchase, on my website, until the print limits of 35 copies have been reached, and then the images will be retired.  www.IndochinePhotography.com > Galleries > Paintings

Laundry Day Painting LR

“Laundry Day”

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3 responses to “On Display At Cafe la Boheme

  1. Part of it is having such great ‘subject matter’ down here in the Yucatan. I use PSE11 for most of my post-editing ( … and limited HDR) and sometimes painting conversion software. Most of it is just playing around with the endless tools and filters on PSE11 … there are so many (and I’m such a slow learner) that its taken me about 3 years to get even halfway comfortable.

    • Like I’ve said so many times before, I love my straight photography, but it’s this kind of stuff that sells (about 10 to 1 ratio). I wish that straight photography would come back into vogue for wall art (and not just for magazines, advertising, stock photos, etc … ).

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