Creating A Brand

Creating a business presence through branding.  For the past few days I’ve been trying to update some of my business related documents for Indochine Photography International.  So far I’ve revised and updated my Artist Statement, and today I redesigned and ordered my new business cards.  In the coming days (or weeks) I need to revise and update my Artist Biography (which is actually different from an Artist Statement). An Artist Statement is much like a corporate Mission Statement, whereas a biography focuses more on the artist’s education, training and experience relative to his craft—think Resume.  The big challenge will come when I tackle my website.  Its functioned pretty well for the past four and half years since I turned professional in 2009, but  I’m trying to bring a consistency of look and flavor to everything related to Indochine Photography International and Expat Journal:  Postcards from the Edge.  By using the same text fonts (primarily New Times Roman and Arial), the same colors and the same images and verbiage I am attempting to create my own sort of recognizable business brand.  I’m sure that I will go through many revisions and permutations before I finally bring it all together to my satisfaction.  Anyway, for now, this is my new business card and Artist Statement side-by-side.  I think it illustrates what I’m shooting for.  If you have any comments or constructive criticism please feel free to share—I am always open to suggestion.

(Click on images to enlarge)


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