Now On Display At ‘Cafe La Boheme’


Now on display (and soon to be on display) and available for purchase.  As promised, in an earlier post, I have two new pieces of ‘Limited Edition’ artwork on display at Cafe la Boheme (Paseo Montejo por C37 y C39).  Actually Laundry Day is  now hanging on the wall (as pictured), and Abandoned Hotel should be delivered in the next day or two from SoHo Galleries.  These large pieces, each signed and numbered #1 of 35 total copies, are on sale for $3,500 MXN (less a $500 MXN discount)—the final price is $3,000 MXN.  These are large canvases measuring approximately 2.6 x 4 feet, and will fit nicely on a large wall space. The smaller pieces (the Blue Heron, Egret and Cafe) are on sale for $1,000 MXN each.  I will be out of town for the next month—so feel free to drop into the cafe for coffee (breakfast) and view my artwork.  Owner Chris has all of the pricing information, and can finalize a sale right in the cafe.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and interest.

Note:  To all of my non-Mexico customers worldwide, these pieces are available to you on my website ( > click on Galleries > click on Paintings).


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