Mundo Del Maya

 Maya Girl HDR LR

Mundo del Maya (World of the Maya)

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Canon PowerShot G15 camera – 1/1600s @ f/2.8, ISO 160, FL=30mm

Mundo del Maya:  World of the Maya.  San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, MX is rich in Maya culture.  This scene captures but a small fragment of the Maya experience in Chiapas. This was photographed during my after coffee morning stroll through Centro Historico in the heart of San Cristobal.  In the foreground is seen a young Maya girl offering her wares for sale; often heavily burdened, these youngsters ply their trade for many hours a day to earn but a few dollars.  They tend to be shy and reserved, but can be assertive and tenacious if need be.  They are not prone to having their photograph taken, so some care and sensitivity must be exercised.  In this case she is not recognizable, having her back to me, and she is only incidental to the overall scene depicted.  I like the perspective lines that the Avenida provides, directing the viewer’s attention to the hilltop Iglesia (or Church) at the end of the block.  I later climbed the hundreds of steps it took to reach this Iglesia, no small feat given the 7,000 foot altitude in San Cristobal.  This particular Avenida is closed to vehicular traffic allowing for easy pedestrian traffic.  I like the colonial architecture, the rustic paving stones and texture and the colorful building facades and sidewalk vendors and cafes.  San Cristobal is a beautiful small city, in the clouds, of only 189,000 people, and is truly Mundo del Maya.

Photographer’s note:  This image was captured with a smaller camera (Canon PowerShot G15) with its smaller sensor, but will still print nicely up to about 24 x 30 inches (almost 2 x 3 feet).  The original digital image was processed HDR (High Dynamic Range) to even out the contrast, with final edits in Photoshop Elements 11.  This would look good as either a Canvas Print or a Matted & Framed Print (Acrylic Prints, Metal Prints, Fine Art Prints and Greeting Cards are also available—click on the link under the photo at top for further presentation & pricing options). 

Postscript:  Arturo, my host here San Cristobal, tells me that the girl’s traditional black ‘hairy’ skirt is made of sheepskin—warm and waterproof.  

Maya Girl Framed

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