Wooden Cross In The Gathering Storm

Wooden Cross Framed

Wooden Cross in the Gathering Storm

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Canon PowerShot G15 – 1/2000s @ f/5.0, ISO 160, FL=55mm

Wooden Cross in the Gathering Storm was photographed in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, MX.  While on my morning walkabout in the center of town I came across this large, rustic, wooden cross reaching into the gathering storm clouds (gloom).  The original digital image was captured in color, but given the moodiness of the weather I think Black & White sets the tone much better.  As I’ve stated so many times before in this blog, I am not a particularly religious (in the traditional sense) man.  But on occasion the Spirit does move me—and that was the case when I saw this majestic cross juxtaposed with the dramatic dark clouds overhead.  I sensed a metaphor, message or teaching at that moment, but it was beyond my grasp and remained elusive.  Maybe it speaks to you in the same way.

Photographers note:  The original image was captured with my small Canon PowerShot G15 digital camera in color and then processed HDR (High Dynamic Range).  Final edits and conversion to B&W were performed in Photoshop Elements 11.  Although the image was shot with a smaller camera (and its smaller sensor) it is a ‘High Resolution’ image easily enlarged to a maximum size of 32 x 40 inches.


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