Even More Altitude

Morning Glories and Daisies Framed

Morning Glories & Daisies – On a hillside overlooking San Cristobal

As I’ve mentioned many times before:  San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas, MX is already at altitude—7,000 feet to be precise.  That may not sound like much, but it’s about 2,000 feet above the Mile High City (Denver, Colorado, USA).  All I’m saying is that it can be rigorous to navigate this locale with these ‘old’ lungs of mine (I’m sure the cigars don’t help).

It was a beautiful morning to be out for a stroll—well, it wasn’t really a stroll—more like a hike.  The weather is decidedly cool, but the sun kept peeking out from behind the clouds and I actually broke a sweat.  Hiking up out of the city, towards a hilltop Chapel, the view got spectacular and the scenery beautiful.  Besides the Chapel I came across a lot of dogs (just about my favorite creatures on planet Earth), beautiful flowers and butterflies (another favorite critter).  The legs are stiff and sore, the lungs are wheezing, but the soul is at peace—and all is right with the world.  I’ve included some photos below of my morning excursion.  Click on individual images to enlarge for better viewing.  Buenas tardes amigos. 


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