So You Wanna Start A Photography Business

Abandoned Hotel LR signed

Abandoned Hotel (Isla Mujeres, MX)

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So you wanna start a photography business?  Or any business for that matter.  I’ve discussed this question in the blog before.  Assuming you’re good enough, and not everyone with a digital camera is, you had better learn some basic business skills.  Also, ‘realistic expectations’ are important (crucial in fact).  As mentioned in the attached article, you will spend about 15% of your time creating, and about 85% of your time marketing your business.  If you’re not willing to do that, then don’t even bother starting—you WILL go broke.

I turned professional, and started my business Indochine Photography International, in 2009 (thank you Loni).  It’s been almost 5-years, and I am just now starting to derive some modest income from my business.  And any financial success I’ve enjoyed has been as a direct result of my own personal marketing efforts.  No one is going to do it for you.  I am not going to get all ‘preachy’ in this post (I’ve done that Ad nauseum in previous posts), suffice it to say—if you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own business, photography or otherwise, this article might shed some much-needed practical light on the subject:  (Click here to read article).

I applaud and admire those courageous entrepreneurs amongst you who do (or will) own their own businesses.  I am lucky, Indochine Photography International is not my primary source of income.  I am retired (with some modest retirement income every month) and traveling the world on the cheap, but my photography income does come in handy for helping to facilitate my travels and simple lifestyle.  Also it gives me an emotional lift, and validates that my work is ‘good enough’ for someone to buy it.  I wish you well with your own personal dreams, creative efforts and business success.  It takes guts to take the risk and put it all on the line.

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Stephen F. DennstedtIndochine Photography International


2 responses to “So You Wanna Start A Photography Business

  1. Hi Stephen, We met once at the SoHo in Merida, you took a shot of me. I stumbled upon your blog this morning and going thru all the cool entries from San Cristobal. Would like to see more of your work some time. Will you be returning to Merida?

    • Hola Bob,

      Yes, we’ll be returning to Merida the middle of next week. But after almost 2-years in Merida my brother Joel and I will be moving on for destinations further south. We plan to leave Mexico no later than April … but possibly sooner (my daughter is coming down sometime in January for a couple of weeks). We’re going to take about a year to travel Central America, and then settle in South America (possibly Ecuador) for a couple of years before returning to S.E. Asia. Look forward to seeing you again amigo.

      Buenas tardes,


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