I’m In Love Again … Finally

IMG_0993 LR

Mezcal with Orange Wedges and Salt & Chili

Quick Disclaimer:  I’m about three sheets to the wind, or as the Japanese would say:  I’m ‘Stinko’.  I am not responsible for this post.  If you are easily offended—QUIT READING, RIGHT NOW!  I lost my virginity tonight (no, not THAT virginity).  I was introduced to the magical elixir:  Mezcal.  Wow and Holy Shit!  What a great drink!  It’s kind of like a really good tequila—but BETTER.

Mezcal is distilled from the Maguey plant, a form of Agave.  And, boy, is it smooth—I mean really smooth.  I first heard of Mezcal in the old Paul Newman movie:  Hombre.  Great flick BTW, but I digress.  Most Mezcal comes from Oaxaca, MX (about a 12-hour bus ride from San Cristobal).  They have a saying in Oaxaca:  Para todo mal, Mezcal, y para todo bien tambien (For all bad, Mezcal, for all good as well).  That pretty much sums it up.

It’s served in shot glasses like tequila, with wedges of orange (not lime) and a salt/chili powder combination.  Sprinkle a little of the salt/chili powder on the orange wedge, take a sip of Mezcal, and suck on the orange wedge.  Muy bueno.  I love this stuff. Of course the three shots of Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky I had beforehand might have had a little something to do with it.  Needless to say I was feeling no pain when I finally left the restaurant.  Three shots of Scotch and two shots of Mezcal, whew.

Side effects?  None that I know of—except that I thought I saw a skeleton and some witches on my walk (stagger) back to the hostel.  Or it might have been a hallucination. They’re still celebrating Dia de los Muertos here in San Cristobal.

Photo credit for Mezcal the Dog:  Nikhol Esteras Roberts (owner of Mezcal)

My ‘Street Photographer’ friend from Oaxaca, MX

6 responses to “I’m In Love Again … Finally

  1. WOW! Loved your blog. I gotta get me soma that stuff…
    I’ve never been drunk in my life, and it feels like I’m missing something…I think so!!
    Steve I’m finally free to get down to Best Buy, get a memory card and, GET OUT
    THERE! This little G15 Camera is the neatest little thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve read
    the instruction booklet couple times, I think I’m ready!!
    Hope you and your brother are keeping safe. And having a wonderful time.
    Love your latest shots. Take care!

    • Hola Judy,

      Hadn’t heard from you in a while (and was getting a little worried).  I don’t recommend ‘Drunk’ but sometimes a good buzz is fun.  The taste of Mezcal was just very unique for me, and a nice experience.  I’ve had it a couple of times since the post, and its still good.  It reminds me (sort of) of Japanese Sake.  It’s smooth like a good wine, but has a much higher alcohol content.  Speaking of Japanese, I had some really good Sushi (and Sake) here in San Cristobal.  Their international cuisine is outstanding, and a real surprise in this small mountain city.  Unfortunately, we will be leaving in a week (the time has gone by much too fast).  I’ve really enjoyed shooting most of this time with my Canon G15 … it is so small and stealthy most people don’t even notice I have it.  I love my big Canon 5D Mk2 with its interchangeable lenses, but it’s really big and really heavy.  The G15 is a nice change, and I’m continually amazed at the ‘Pro’ features it offers, and the IQ (Image Quality).  My shots have been coming out ‘Tack Sharp’ and properly exposed almost every time.  Get out there and start shooting girl.

      Buenas tardes,

      Steve    Stephen F. Dennstedt Indochine Photography Expat Journal http://www.IndochinePhotography.com http://www.Facebook.com/Stephen.Dennstedt    

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