Failed Miserably

IMG_1170 LR

The Candy Man of San Cristobal

Part of this most recent outing to Estado de Chiapas was to be a test.  To be totally upfront about it:  We’ve failed miserably.  We wanted to see how cheaply we could travel in preparation for our upcoming travels further south (Central and South America).  Cheap bus transportation—check.  Cheap accommodations at a hostel (versus hotel)—check.  Food—Failed.  Alcohol—Failed.  THE CANDY MAN—failed.

The restaurants, food and alcohol here San Cristobal are extraordinary.  And then there’s the Candy Man.  This is international eating at its finest (Italian, Japanese, Lebanese, American and local).  I’ve had no difficulty in ordering really good Scotch whisky, and my new passion Mezcal.  And then there’s the Candy Man.

Every single night, after dinner, we stop at his little stand.  After a little small talk we make our score—four Snickers candy bars.  He only has four and we buy them all—every night (50 pesos total).  And the next night, and the next—he has four more.  Snickers are my favorite, and I’m indulging another vice.  Tonight he let me take his photo.  He looks young and innocent, but—he’s THE CANDY MAN.


2 responses to “Failed Miserably

  1. Stephen, I feel your pain. Snickers are my favorite then comes peanut M&Ms. When it comes to this stuff I have the will power of an eight year old.

    • Tim, don’t even get me started on Peanut M&M’s. I’ve been known to devour those big 1-lb bags at a single sitting (maybe even two). I love those damn things.

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