Hey You, Vietnam Veterans!


U. S. Marines heavily engaged during the Tet Offensive (30 Jan 68)

The ‘Old Imperial’ city of Hue

In recognition of the Marine Corps’ 238th birthday—I came across this article today, and I would like to share it with my veteran comrades-in-arms (and with anyone else that might find it interesting).  It’s my story, it’s your story—it’s our story.  One veteran said:  ‘I was born in Vietnam.’  And that’s exactly how I feel.  Every aspect of my life has been, and continues to be, touched by Vietnam.  I made my first pilgrimage back, with my son, in 2004.  I returned again in 2008.  I will continue to go back, because something quite ‘unexplainable’ keeps pulling me back.  I may very well choose to live there eventually, and even to complete my life-cycle there.  Vietnam changed my life forever, and not totally for the worse.  Here is the link to the article I am referring to:  (Click Here).

Sgt. Stephen F. Dennstedt 2151667 USMC

1965 to 1971 (Vietnam 1967 to 1968)

Survivor – Tet Offensive 1968

Link to Tet Offensive:  (Click Here)

To the memories of two fine officers who lost their lives, at Chu Lai, during Tet 1968:

Navy Lieutenant Stanley ‘Doc’ Lewis, MD (our Flight Surgeon) – KIA


Marine Second Lieutenant Richard KerrKIA

(Click here for more about Chu Lai and Tet)


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