Nature Explodes In Neon

Neon Hibiscus Framed

Neon Hibiscus Flower

Nature is perfect.  There is no improving upon Nature.  Nature is what Nature is.  But sometimes it’s kind of fun to mess with her a little bit (in a good way).  But you have to be careful, because she always gets even (eventually).  In this case I converted the original digital image of a Hibiscus flower to a dazzling Neon Borders effect.  Did it improve upon perfection?  Decidedly not.  Did I have fun doing it?  Yes I did.  But like a Japanese Sumi-e ink painting, reducing this digital image to ‘Neon Borders’ simplified the image, which is a very Zen thing to do.  I like the colors, the vibrancy and how Nature’s underlying architectural structure is highlighted and stands out in bold relief.


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