An Experiment With ‘Texture’

Shattered Sky Framed

Shattered Sky

Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, MX

Photoshop (PSE11) has been difficult to learn for this old ‘Computer-challenged’ photographer, but I’m finally starting to make some headway—I think.  This image is an experiment with texture.  I love so-called straight photography (I really do), but the creative artist in me yearns to push the limits.  The ability to combine photographic skill with graphic arts knowhow is a godsend.  It probably drives all of you crazy seeing the weird shit I post (shit that I  euphemistically call photographic experiments), but like I mentioned in my previous post:  it keeps the creative juices flowing, and it rejuvenates my spirit.

The above image was created by combining two separate images (a background image and a texture image) in Photoshop (PSE11).

Abandoned Hotel LR

Original background image complete with post-edits

IMG_0654 LR

Image (brick wall) used for texture

Photographer’s note:  I opened both images in PSE11, displaying the texture image (TI) in the working space;  I clicked on Select > All (outlining the image); then Edit > Copy.  I then opened the background image (BI) in the working space; clicked on Edit > Paste.  This combined both images into a single image.  Going into the ‘Layers Palette’ I adjusted the opacity of the TI and made final edits to the exposure and saturation.  The rough brickwork on the TI image (bleeding through the BI) gave a dramatic look to the final image, especially in the sky area.  It reminded me of a broken ceramic dinner plate, hence the title:  Shattered Sky


2 responses to “An Experiment With ‘Texture’

  1. I love seeing your crazy experiments…I’d be doing the same thing if I had the software and was set up to do it! What’s the use of learning if you can ‘t have fun with it?

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