Do You Know This Lady?

Jean Marsh

Jean Marsh

Do you know this lady?  She is Jean Marsh, better known as ‘Rose’ Buck on Upstairs, Downstairs (Head House Parlor Maid and later Ladies Maid).  Before Downton Abbey there was Upstairs, Downstairs.  Upstairs, Downstairs ran for five seasons on PBS’s Masterpiece Theater in the 1970’s.

Upstairs, Downstairs:  Not as cinematically opulent as Downtown Abbey, but the characters were rich and alive.  The Bellamy’s upstairs, and the servants downtowns—including the likable, but frustrating, Scottish Butler Mr. (Angus) Hudson played by Gordon Jackson, the Cook Mrs. (Kate) Bridges, Footman Edward,  Parlor Maid Daisy and of course Kitchen Maid Ruby.  This 1970’s series had the look and feel of a stage play with its small sets and lack of scenes filmed outside of the house (Eaton Place) itself.  But the ensemble cast kept your interest, and you couldn’t wait until the next episode aired.  The characters of Rose, Hudson and Mrs. Bridges have become iconic.

I like Downtown Abbey (a lot), but I loved Upstairs, Downstairs.  In Mexico I watch movies and television on my MacBook Pro via Netflix and Overplay.  I just finished watching all five seasons of Upstairs, Downstairs and loved every minute of it.  If you’ve watched it before it’s worth a re-visit; if you’ve never seen it, but are a fan of Downtown Abbey, this is where it all began.  You don’t have to be an Anglophile to enjoy it, but it doesn’t hurt.  Netflix will probably be your best source.  A blast from the past that’s held up over time, and a good way to wile away some time in front of the fireplace (maybe with a spot of tea or a whisky) if the blustery winter weather outside is not to your liking.

Treat yourself.


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