Simple But Hard

Butterfly & Flower Framed

“Love is not about possession … “

Universal Truths:  Usually simple, but hard.  When I followed the Buddhist path formally I learned many things.  Now that I follow the Buddhist path informally I still learn many things. The primary truth goes something like this:  Truth is often simple, but hard.

A good example is meditation:  Meditation is simple—you just sit, breathe and stay in the moment (awareness).  But in practice it is (or can be) hard.  Things come up in meditation, thoughts arise.  Your mind wanders, your breathing falters, distractions intrude.  Or the Buddhist precept that invites us not to kill—simple, but when that pesky mosquito bites you, habitual reflex-action takes over, and you’ve killed it even before you’re aware of it.

Or, how about this?  I saw this on Facebook this morning:

Universal Truth

“Love is not about possession.  Love is about appreciation.”  The flower is a metaphor; the flower could just as easily be:  your husband, wife, son or daughter.  The key is Awareness.  Right Action is a function of awareness.  Simple?  Yes.  Easy?  No. Everyday distractions disrupt our Mindfulness and we mindlessly revert to habitual reflex-action. Automatic Trigger & Response—she says that, I feel this.  I once made a comment to my spiritual teacher, Reverend Jiso, that it must be hard living a monastic life, he just gave me an enigmatic smile and said:  “It is you who have the difficult task.”  Can you not pick the flower?


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