This Is Me … For Better Or For Worse

Steve and Coffee Framed

Steve with his Magic Elixir

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, MX

If you’ve ever wondered who Stephen is, then:  (Click Here).  I really don’t know how these personality profiles work, but this one has me pegged (absolutely).  If you know me, and few do, then you will know this to be true.  No surprise then that there doesn’t seem to be a woman  in this world who can handle this male personality type.  I am doomed, it seems, to ‘Lone Wolf’ status.  Why can’t I be allowed my independence within a relationship?  I am devoted and monogamous, but I need my sense [delusion] of freedom. Why is that unacceptable to you?  You say you can and will accept this reality, but in truth you won’t and can’t.  

Special note:  Thank you to my niece Kelly for sharing this personality profile.  A special and ‘complex’ person in her own right.  

Special note II:  This is a Scotch-induced post.  Hey, its been awhile.  


2 responses to “This Is Me … For Better Or For Worse

  1. Steve, hang in there jarhead. I’ve been married for 46 years to the same woman as of January 19. Hands down, it has been the most difficult challenge in my life, and that includes Marine boot camp and Vietnam. That being said, I was blessed to have, maybe, the only woman on earth who would put up with my moody, sorry, bitching ass. As for the freedom part, there isn’t a man on earth who doesn’t envy you. There are so many guy things I have passed up over the years the list is too long to cover. Most of us have the proverbial “bucket list” and 50% of it will never get that joyous check mark before we take that last breath. Merry Christmas, finish your bucket list, and drink one for me.

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