Major-san The Wonder Dog

Three Amigos II

Tres Amigos

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(Major-san left, Kristina center, Hunter right)

Major-san the Wonder Dog.  Absolutely the best dog ever (a German Shepherd Dog). I’ve had thirteen dogs in my life, over the past sixty-six years of living on this planet, and  I loved them all.  But Major-san was special.  Animal people will understand, non-animal people will not.  Scientists will often say that we anthropomorphize our animal critters, that we imbue them with human characteristics.  I don’t buy into that theory—I think that we, instead, share certain common characterisitics with our animal friends such as:  Fear, Love, Courage and Empathy.

There is just way too much empirical evidence to suggest otherwise.  Look at the behaviors of elephants, whales, dolphins, most of the primates, wolves and dogs (to name but a few), and then tell me they don’t share some of our human traits.  It has nothing to do with our brains; it is not anthropomorphizing in my humble opinion.  It has to do with the heart.  My dog, my best friend, Major-san was a beautiful example.

Our spiritual wisdom-teachers have taught us over the millennia that ‘All is One.’  Science is finally catching up to these religious, spiritual and metaphysical truths.  Modern technology is beginning to provide a profound underpinning (rationale?) for these age-old esoteric and empirical teachings.  Religious and spiritual doctrine has much in common with Quantum Physics and various Metaphysical Theories.   They are, in fact, not at odds with one another like we’ve been taught to believe since childhood.  There is such a thing as Universal Truth, although we’re a long way from finding and understanding it.  Albert Einstein lived his entire life trying to prove the Unification Theory for naught.  This Universal Truth goes by many names:  In the west it is typically referred to as God.  My problem lies not with Universal Truth per se, but rather Man’s feeble attempts to define, teach and control its meaning (without fully understanding it).  In most (probably all) of our world’s religions it is a corrupt translation and interpretation that leads to narrow-mindedness, bigotry, intolerance and hatred.

I believe that all living things are connected (interconnected).  And that all things ARE living things.  ALL possess energy and informed intelligence—and those commonalities are timeless and indestructible.  Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or Taoist—all paths lead to the same TRUTH (it’s just a different journey).  Quantum Physics and many Metaphysical Theories point us in the same direction, and give credence and validation to what we’ve known intuitively since the beginning of time.  So, Major-san and I were (are) one—figuratively and LITERALLY.  This I believe.  Like the Buddha suggested:  I proved it to myself.  All perceived reality is an interconnected reality.  And we connect on levels way beyond our conscious level—we connect on levels of intent (the power of prayer is but one example).  Christians, Jews and Muslims use the power of prayer (individually and collectively) to transmit intent; as a former (formal) Buddhist/Taoist I did much the same thing with my meditation.  When we project intent, both individually and collectively, we initiate action.  So be careful what you pray for, and the intent behind that prayer.

Major-san and I communicated on many different levels.  And although he had a remarkable English vocabulary at his disposal, our communication was usually more subtle and sublime.  We felt one another.  We intuitively understood one another.  You folks that connect with animals know exactly what I’m talking about.  Your intentions, your moods and feelings transmit freely—and there is an implicit UNDERSTANDING.  You have to prove it to yourself to understand it, to believe it (in your heart).  I talk to animals, usually out loud. I’ve been caught many times in the act, and often people think that I’m crazy (especially here in Mexico).  And the animals understand.  Maybe not the words, but the intent is understood.  Even with wild animals that I’m photographing—I can convey an intent (please move over there so I can get a better composition on this shot), and they move accordingly.

That’s the relationship I had with my dog Major-san.  We could (and often would) sit for hours without saying a word, and yet we knew each others mood and intent on an intimate and extremely personal level.  This was not anthropomorphizing.  This was a connection of commonalities.  But how do you know Steve?  I just do.  I’ve experienced and proven it to myself (many, many times).  Major-san always had my best interest at heart.  He always put himself between me and a perceived danger—if I was walking late at night, and someone began approaching us from behind, he always inserted himself between me and the potential threat.  He didn’t growl, he didn’t bark, he didn’t threaten—but he would have died for me in an instant (of that I am quite certain).  Major-san always had my back.  He protected my wife and daughter the same way.

Major-san and I would hike deep into the desert, and camp out over night under the stars.  I would drink my Scotch, smoke my pipe and gaze at the Big Dipper as it circumnavigated the heavens—Major-san would rest his head in my lap, and just enjoy the oneness.  I miss him so much in my life, and yet I know that he also with me (even now).  I am not a religious person (in the formal sense) any longer, but I know in my heart that I will reconnect with him again—and that we will both know and recognize one another.  There are people who have passed through my life that I know I will reconnect with again.  Christians call this heaven. In that sense I am a believer.  I am a skeptic and cynic beyond compare, and yet–-I believe.  All is connected and interconnected, and within those connections are special connections.  I can’t explain it, or even begin to convince you of this truth.  But I believe it. Ask anyone—Steve is not a religious fanatic, spiritual guru or scientist.  But I have studied and pondered the world’s religions, spiritual traditions, quantum physics metaphysical theories—and the conclusion that I’ve arrived at is this:  There are unmistakable commonalties amongst them all.  Search for the truth, and the truth will be made known to you.  This I believe.  Anthropomorphizing is a fiction, a case where rational science hasn’t caught up to the truth yet.

Major-san, until we meet again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, rest in peace my dear friend.  I loved (and do love) you so much.  You can read my heart, you know my intent, you know this to be true.    



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