Link To My NatGeo Portfolio

National GeographicNatGeo aspirations:  I’ve started submitting photographic images to National Geographic magazine in the hopes of attracting some attention from their photo editors.  NatGeo is the gold standard for Wildlife, Nature and Travel photographic images and narrative.  To that end I’ve recently opened a portfolio with them, and have added a direct link to it through this blog: > top tool bar > Expat Journal > right tool bar > Contact > My NatGeo Portfolio.  

I encourage you to visit this portfolio frequently, as I will be adding new images to it on a continual basis.  And while you’re there please feel free to browse the work of other contributing photographers, all experience levels are represented from ‘Newbies’ to ‘Professionals’.  You can favorite and/or comment on specific images, and you can see what (if any) images have been selected for publication online or in the traditional printed magazine.  You can rest assured that I will advertise the fact if any of my images are eventually published.  Save the link for future reference, or continue to access my NatGeo portfolio through this blog.  As always, thank you for continued support, patronage and interest.

IMG_0645 LR

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Indochine Photography International

Expat Journal

My NatGeo Portfolio (Click Here)


2 responses to “Link To My NatGeo Portfolio

  1. Excellent Steve……I think I told you a while ago, there is a Canadian woman who lives here and was a photog for National Geo for many years. I haven’t seen her in a while but if I recall, her name is Barbara. If you’re interested, I believe Adele at SOHO knows her.


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