The Lioness (Panthera leo)

LionI love dogs.  But the four big cats of genus Panthera are the true predators of the animal kingdom:  Tiger, Lion, Jaguar and Leopard.  They are the apex predators in any geographic location they inhabit:  Asia, Africa or the America’s.  Some are loners and hunt solo:  The Tiger, Jaguar and Leopard fit into that category.  But one cat is a cooperative hunter, and that carnivore is the Lion.  Here is a recent photo I captured of a spectacular lioness (Panthera leo) at Parque Zoologico here in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.  As I continue my travels around the world I would love to photograph these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat—the wild.  So far in Yucatan its been a bust.  Although I’ve volunteered a fair number of hours to Puuc Jaguar Conservation (Kaxil Kiuic Biocultural Reserve) here in Yucatan, the Jaguar (number 3) has remained maddeningly elusive (it hasn’t been for a lack of trying).  A number of months ago we installed over thirty remote trail cameras in the Puuc to capture shots of these beautiful transitory animals, and we’ve had some early on success—but I have not personally been able to photograph one in the wild.  Most of the animal portraits in my portfolio (with the exception of birds, monkey’s and other small critters) have been of captive animals. Hopefully, as I continue my travels to Central and South America, Asia and Southeast Asia, India and Africa I will have better luck with the critters.  Until then I will do the best with what I have.


LionessPantera leo

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1/400s @ f/6.3, ISO 1000, FL=280, TV-Priority, Natural Light, Handheld

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Indochine Photography International

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