Cenotes, Chaya Maya And Salsa

IMG_0645 LRMy daughter Kristina and her friend James spent the day visiting Cenotes in Cuzama outside of Ciudad de Merida.  It’s a great outing to one of the most unique features of Yucatan, the underground limestone caves filled will cool, crystal-clear water. Swimming is allowed, even encouraged, and it’s a terrific way to cool off on a hot day.  The day trip consists of three separate Cenotes all linked by a narrow-gauge track.  Boarding a small horse-drawn carriage you are pulled along the tracks to your destination with the leisurely clippity-clop of the horses hooves.  However, if you meet an oncoming carriage everything stops—everyone disembark’s and assists the driver in picking up the light carriage from the tracks to allow the oncoming carriage to pass, and then reverse the order of things before once again resuming the journey through the jungled countryside.

Cenotes are actually sinkholes that have partially or totally collapsed, and you have to climb down steep paths or ladders to descend to the water below.  Once there however the deep pools are beautifully lit with the sunlight from above, and the cool waters beckon with persistence.  Cenotes have been featured many times in National Geographic and other travel publications, and once you catch a glimpse of their beauty they are immediately added to your bucket list.  After a full day of swimming and exploration in Cuzama they returned to Merida for an evening’s local entertainment.

Link to an earlier post (with photos) of our famous Yucatan Cenotes (Click Here)

We departed our casa at about 7:30 p.m. to enjoy a traditional dinner at the famous local eatery Chaya Maya,  enjoying such Yucateco delights as:  Poc Chuc and Queso Relleno. We left an hour later, totally stuffed, but it didn’t prevent us from finding a small local bakery and filling our Pie-holes with sweet Mexican pastries.  What to do?  Only one solution presented itself—to walk back to Plaza de la Santiago for the evening dance. Ciudad de Merida is celebrating its 450th year of existence, and every night in January there is music, dancing and entertainment in the neighborhood squares.  Kristina and James recognized many of the same dancers from our Sunday outing to Parque de la Santa Lucia where they met Sabrina the Taco Lady of Merida, and watched the old folks dance in the square. James sweet-talked Kristina into the square, and they stayed and danced until long after I returned home to go to bed.

Kristina & James LR

Kristina & James – Plaza de la Santiago


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