Where Have All The Flowers Gone

Me at 18 
Sergeant – United States Marine Corps
1965 – 1971
Vietnam 1967 – 1968
A Blast from the Past; the year was 1966.  The Mama’s & Papa’s were singing California Dreaming, I was in the Marine Corps and I had just gotten engaged to my high school sweetheart—I was 18 years old. One year later (1967) I was a Sergeant, and spending my days 24/7 in Vietnam. I look at this photo today and say to myself: Was I ever REALLY that young? Returning home in 1968 I was a completely different person (having grown old at 20), and my girlfriend married me not knowing who I had become, or where her innocent boyfriend had gone—we had become strangers. I wish that I could have had a conversation with THAT young man. 
Where have all the soldiers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the soldiers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the soldiers gone?
Gone to graveyards, everyone.
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Peter, Paul & Mary
Answer:  Never

4 responses to “Where Have All The Flowers Gone

  1. That was a “Blast from the Past”! There is still a resemblance to you now. I graduated from High school in 1966 and started college at 17. Sure wish I could go back and re-do some of my decisions at that age….or like you say….have a talk with myself with the wisdom I have now! Lol!

    • Hi my love, didn’t know you were still following my adventure. I continue to struggle with the past, but I think I’m making progress. I wish that I could have been a better man for you, but I lost something (actually a lot) over there. I wish WE could have talked too … but we produced a GREAT kid. I am so proud of Shawn I burst with pride. Thank you so much for that special gift. Love you. Still fucked up, but trying …

  2. A very poignant post and it reminds me of a photo of my Dad as a young man (prior to his active duty in World War I). He came back a different man as well. He also came back to his wife (my Mother) who had changed greatly during the three years he was away. Their relationship suffered as a result and although they never divorced, I sometimes wonder whether staying together was the right decision.

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