I’m A Proud Dad


Corporal Shawn A. Dennstedt – San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

One of my son’s friends made this poster featuring his stern ‘Come to Jesus’ look.  A 20+ year veteran of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, he is now an instructor at the San Diego Police Academy teaching new law enforcement officers the ropes before they hit the mean streets.  I remember that very same look from my Marine Corps Drill Instructors almost 49 years ago, usually just before they smacked me up along side the head.


Corporal Stephen F. Dennstedt – USMC, age 18

Some say we look alike, but in this photo I have my nice guy smile on.  And Shawn is more physically intimidating at 6′ 4″ and with hardly any body fat than me.  Where he could probably rough you up some to get your attention, I would probably have to shoot you. Shawn has about six more years with the department before his retirement, and he’ll still be a young man full of piss & vinegar.  Contrary to what this photo might imply, he actually is a nice guy and a GREAT father.  The one big downside to traveling the world is not seeing enough of my kids.


2 responses to “I’m A Proud Dad

  1. Hi Steve, Weather you know it or not, our big 50 year reunion is being held on the 25th of Sept. Go to Reunion-Specialists.com for more info. It will also be 50 years since we were on the big grinder. Hope to see you there. George Troutman
    PS Dave MING and Alan YOUNG will showing up.

    • 50 years sure went by quick didn’t it? Love those boot camp memories (good old Sgt. Ray, Sgt. Cheney, Cpl. Coombs and that little tough guy Cpl. Achik, not sure of the spelling on that one). Would love to see you guys again, but I will not be attending the 50 year reunion — partly because I hated high school, but mostly because I’m on the road. My brother Joel and I left San Diego 3 years ago to backpack around the world, and we’re currently in Costa Rica (having visited southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and Nicaragua. We’ll soon be leaving (in a month or two) Costa Rica for Panama, and then on to South America. Nice hearing from you again George, stay in touch. I hear from Dave Ming all the time, and he keeps me current on things back home.

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