My World, Your World, Our World

Planet Earth

Expat Journal (this little blog) has been visited over 60,000 times since its creation 2-1/2 years ago.  Another milestone reached and surpassed.  What began as a simple journal, cathartic exercise and self-examination has blossomed into something totally unexpected. I can’t explain it, I wish that I could—I just accept it.  It’s quirky, disjointed, irrational, opinionated, not very politically correct, sometimes pompous and often crude (which some readers have pointed out to me—I’m trying to get better on that score).  Subject matter is all over the board, and although I position it as a travel blog it is still wide-ranging and not very cohesive.  I’m sure there is a psychological term for it, maybe something like free association.  Basically, I post whatever happens to be on my mind at any given time—sometimes those thoughts delve into a past I’m still trying to understand, a present that I am experiencing for the first time or even the future I am contemplating.  It’s pretty much me trying to understand the world and my unique place in it.  It is a soliloquy of sorts, but with a lot of invited voyeurs along for the ride.  For whatever reason it seems to resonate with people—again, I truly don’t know why.  Is it the subject matter (travel and photography primarily), is it curiosity about a guy whose messed up his own life in so many ways now looking for reasons and answers, is it shared experiences or is it anticipation of another irreverent Scotch-induced rant on life?  Never mind the reason, thank you for following along.

On July 20, 2011 I posted Hello World my first post.  This post will be my 750th post.  So much has happened since that first post:  New experiences in new countries; new insights into myself and others, and new friends—lots of new friends.  Expat Journal has 289 regular followers now, and reaches 113 countries.  That absolutely boggles my mind. That people in 113 different countries would be interested enough in my life and experiences to follow my adventure as it unfolds.  If you Google the question:  How many countries are in the world today? you will get more than one answer.  Countries change all the time—some are born, some are dying or already dead and some are  divorcing and entering new partnerships (this world of our is in a constant state of flux).  The best estimate is 196 countries, which means that Expat Journal has reached approximately 58% of the world’s land mass.  Extraordinary.

None of us really knows what the future has in store for us.  Acceptance is the key.  My newest revelation is that:  Simple is rarely easy.  Acceptance of things as they are is simple in concept, but it is anything but easy in actual practice.  But as Expat Journal closes in on its third year I am enjoying life (which I once thought would never happen again), my creative juices are flowing freely with both my photography and writing; I am living a cheap life (inexpensive), a simple life (though not always easy) and a happy life for the most part.  I look forward to things to come, and I try to accept those things that just are.  It’s cliche, but life truly is about the journey and not the destination.  So we might as well enjoy the ride instead of complaining are we there yet?


6 responses to “My World, Your World, Our World

  1. Congrats on reaching the milestone, amigo. Your writing is getting tighter, cleaner and continues to be interesting. Your photos are the best. I told you before I liked the wildlife, particularly your bird shots, but, wow, some of the recent landscape/seacapes are spectacular.
    Looking forward to seeing and reading much, much more,
    All the best,

    • Thanks Steve. Just heard from Ron about his battle with the Big-C, but it sounds like he won. He said he’s coming back to Playa in March, but Joel and I might be in Cuba. If not, then we hope to see him again.

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