Top 5 Blog Posts


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Tulum, Quintana Roo, MX (Maya Riviera)

Expat Journal celebrating 60,000 worldwide hits today, with a total of 751 posts.  Here are the all-time Top 5 posts based on total hits:

1.  The Passing Of A Dear Friend – November 7, 2013 (345 hits)

2.  Cyber-bullies – April 8, 2013 (306 hits)

3.  Chu Lai, Vietnam 1967-1968 – September 3, 2013 (284 hits)

4.  Cenotes, Chaya Maya And Salsa – January 16, 2014 (282 hits)

5.  The Book – Top Toolbar Tab (242 hits)

These are not necessarily the best posts, or even my favorite posts, but seem to be very compatible with the internet’s various search engines.  I invite you to search the archives, located on the righthand toolbar, to view any of the 751 archived posts—and The Book (located on the top toolbar tab) is a condensation of the blog’s first year, along with some introductory narrative.

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