Do You Have A Friend You Can Trust?


Best Friends

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Most of us have plenty of acquaintances that we often refer to as friends.  And that’s perfectly fine.  In this time of FB everyone seems to be a friend.  But do you have a true friend?  Or better yet true friends (plural)?  I’m not talking about family here, spouse or otherwise.  Have you ever asked yourself what a true, trusted friend is?

I have very few friends that I completely trust.  The trust I’m talking about is absolute, and is a trust that has been earned through shared experience, often adverse experience. And, for the most part, these are long held relationships going back years and years. These are friends that I can share my most intimate thoughts with, and who will tend not to judge me too harshly.  I may not always choose to share my thoughts with them, but I know that I can.  My friends always tell me the truth even if I’m not always ready to hear it.

My friends are loyal.  They’ve never betrayed my trust.  They’ve looked out for my best interests even when I’m not aware of them doing so.  They don’t say one thing to my face, and another behind my back.  Do you have friends like this?

We may not agree politically, spiritually or religiously—but if I call out for help they will drop everything to come to my aid.  They always have, and I suspect they always will.  As I have, and would continue to do for them.  Having a good trustworthy friend is a huge responsibility, because you never want to be in a position of letting that friend down.

A Good Friend Is Someone Who Is








I can think of five friends in particular who meet this criteria, and though I don’t often see them I do strive to stay in touch.  There are others, of course, but these five guys standout for various reasons known only to them.  Thank you Mark W, David M, Steve L, Bob M (RIP) and Ed L (RIP) for almost 200 years of combined loyalty, trust, guidance and friendship. I would literally take a bullet for any one of these friends (and I don’t say that lightly).

On the critter side I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention Major & Sarge (RIP).  The best German Shepherd Dogs ever (you never let me down my trusted animal friends).  The comment about taking a bullet applies to these two friends too.  Take a moment, please, to acknowledge your trusted friend(s), both human and critter alike.


3 responses to “Do You Have A Friend You Can Trust?

  1. I can identify! My first true friend was my Grandma’s dog, “Bobby”. …no wait…even before that, my babysitter’s dog “Toby” I was 18 mos old. People say a person cannot remember that long ago, but I know I am remembering him and not pictures or stories as I also remember holding onto his fur and seeing people’s ankles, feet and the bottom of skirts as my surroundings…along with being helped to climb up on a chair to see the kitchen countertop. Bobby was my true soulmate though, he understood every small secret I shared and licked my tears away as I told him all my troubles.

  2. Stephen, during the relatively short time we have been friends, 8/10 years, in Lakeside, I came into your life at your work, and the warmth you showed was sincere. We shared many things with one another, both in business and personal and had many laughs, thank you for that. You must be on this list. There aren’t all that many that will appear here but as one goes through life the ones that share my heart and feelings are not as many as one would think. I, like you am proud to mention a few, some I served with and they came back home alive and some who didn’t. Ones that came home are Anthony Jess Franco, Phillip Sutter, one who didn’t Cpl Terry Shalhoob (RIP), all from Santa Barbara, Ca. Taking a bullet for me or me for them, them,….those are Mark and Shari Wyckoff, and family, Ron and Darlene Glynn, Llana,my sister, son james jr and wife Christianne Scott and brady Wyckoff, and Alisha, My brother Darrell, and Col Bo Gritz ( retired Army Ranger Classified) and Pastor), in Sandy valley, Nevada. I still have not lost my faith in Jesus Christ and never will. This post could go on and on but Thanks for being a true Friend.

    James F. Sprague Sr
    Sgt E5 Army reserves
    1960 to 1968 Reserves

    Thanks for letting me experience all the travels and photos that you share

    • Thank you so much for your very nice comments Jim; needless to say that I feel the very same about you. We just seemed to hit it off from the beginning … and though we don’t agree on every issue or philosophy our friendship remains intact and undamaged. If I ever get back to the States for a visit, or you leave the States to travel, I hope that our paths will cross again amigo.

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