Mucho Calor En Merida, Yucatan, MX


Tecate Light

As I stumbled into my neighborhood Sol store (conveniently located right around the corner from mi casa), I addressed the proprietor in my best Spanish:  Hola, buenas tardes amigo.  Clutching my throat I continued:  Seis cerveza por favor.  I was ordering up the antidote to all of this seasonal heat, because it is mucho calor. Once he stopped laughing he reached way back into the fridge, and extracted an ice-cold six-pack of Tecate Light.

Daytime temperatures in Merida have been hovering around 106F for about a week now, and when you factor in the humidity the heat index soars accordingly.  The only scientifically proven antidote is cerveza, ice cold beer.  Nobody does it better than Mexico—I love Mexican beer (with the possible exception of Corona).  Corona is a premium beer in the States, but is pretty much a trash beer here in Mexico.  And Mexicans serve their beer ice-cold—always.

Asia does a mighty fine job too and, like the Mexicans, typically serve it ice-cold.  It fits the Norte Americano taste just fine.  For this kind of weather, the doctor prescribed antidote dosage is typically three to four beers minimum.  You would think, with my German-American heritage, I would be a big fan of German beers, but such is not the case.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I will drink German beer, but it’s not at the top of my list.

When visiting the seaside fishing villages down here, I will often indulge in a local concoction called a Chilada.  To build a Chilada you start off with a tumbler glass, add ice to the brim (yes the ice is safe down here), fill about a 1/3 of the glass with freshly squeezed lime juice, top it all off with an inexpensive beer and seal the deal with margarita salt on the rim of the glass.  Wow.  Served with deep-fried Grouper, fresh Ceviche mixto, grilled camarones and tortillas and you have Nirvana.  I’m not sure you fully appreciate the suffering I’m going through for you folks back Stateside.  It’s a little counterintuitive, but the hottest month in Merida is typically May.  You would think as we progressed deeper into the summer months it would become hotter, but late spring and early summer seem to be the hottest.

Cuba update:  I heard back from my booking agency, and it looks like May 26th will be the day we depart.  We should be there until mid-June, and then return briefly to Merida before finally departing for points south (Central and South America).  I will update you as the trip draws closer.  I should be booking the excursion within the next 1 – 3 days.  I am excited.  


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