You Know You’re In Mexico, When …


Mexican Black Scorpion

You know you’re in Mexico when:   Your housekeeper Lupita calls you over to show you what she just found in your bedroom.  A very, very large Mexican Black Scorpion.  No, I don’t know how he got into my bedroom.  And no, I don’t know what he was doing there, or why.  And yes, he was the biggest, blackest and nastiest damn scorpion I’ve ever seen outside of a cage.  That’s why you ALWAYS check your shoes before putting them on down here—to avoid the inevitable big surprise.

Seems like I’ve always been prone to getting bitten by critters, so how I avoided it this time is a complete mystery to me.  I experienced rattlesnake bites at ages 8 and 10, each resulting in a hospital stay and a couple of weeks of home recovery.  Bee, wasp and hornet stings too numerous to count.  I once got nailed in the stomach by a poisonous caterpillar when I was a kid playing in one of our local canyons.  Spider bites galore, including a very painful one experienced in a mangrove swamp here in Yucatan—sick for a week (splitting headache, nausea, fever and a finger that turned purple and got as big as my thumb).  (Click here for spider bite post).  And of course there was the mosquito bite that introduced me to Dengue Fever (another painful, weeklong experience … actually closer to two weeks).

I don’t even want to think about the consequences of getting bitten by the likes of this ugly fellow.  Have I ever told you how much I hate bugs?  The only real exceptions are: Butterflies, ladybugs and roly-poly’s.  Oh, and I’ve found large centipedes in the house too. Sheesh.  ALWAYS check your footwear—I learned that lesson in Vietnam (but there it was often-as-not snakes you had to worry about, including Cobras and Kraits).


4 responses to “You Know You’re In Mexico, When …

  1. Wow…so glad you didn’t get stung by this creature…the fallout would have been ugly for sure!!!

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