Cuba Update #3


Cuban Señoritas with their Habano Puros

Hello señoritas, we’re on our way.  Los dos hermanos are locked and loaded.  Havana will never know what hit it.  Okay, enough bull crap.  The trip has been paid for, we’ve received final confirmations from the booking agency and airlines—so it’s official:  We will depart Merida, Yucatan on May 25th for Havana, Cuba.

Visiting Cuba has been on my personal bucket list since I was a kid, and that was a long, long time ago.  The country has always fascinated me, and over the years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting quite a few ethnic Cubans.  This will be a dream come true, and a great way to restart our worldwide adventure.  Change is needed, overdue and inevitable in Cuba, but I wanted to see the island before things change drastically.  Once relations are restored with the United States, I think developers will swoop down like a flock of hungry vultures.

I want to partake of Cuban cuisine, Cuba Libres, habano puro cigars and the renowned hospitality of the Cuban people.  I want to see the vintage automobiles and motorcycles that somehow continue to survive and operate in Cuba, I want to visit Hemingway’s haunts and museums, and I want to see firsthand the beautiful land he wrote about in Islands in the Stream.


4 responses to “Cuba Update #3

  1. Am very happy that you’re fulfilling your travel dream. I would be a bit jealous; however, I know you’ll be sharing the highlights and photos on FB with your peeps!

    • You can count on me sharing. Statistically few Americans (Norte Americanos from the USA) visit the island. Joel and I couldn’t pass up this golden opportunity.

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