Birds Of A Feather

Although Peacocks are not indigenous to Yucatan (I think they originated in India if I’m not mistaken), there seems to be a ton of them here nonetheless.  Peacocks are a favorite subject of most photographers, and I am no different.  I love everything about them:  their majesty, their grandeur, their iridescent colors, even their blood-curdling screams (usually at night).  Whenever I see a Peacock, and have my camera in-hand, taking the shot is a no-brainer.  Mostly domesticated, they often let you approach close enough to fill the frame, thus insuring great feather detail and color representation.  This bird is a case in point—creeping close with my 200mm + 1.4x telephoto zoom lens (equaling an effective focal length of 280mm), I was able to capture the nobility and beauty of this colorful creature.


Peacock in all his GloryMerida, Yucatan, MX

Photographer’s note:  This image is for Brett Z. and my cousin Terri.  Captured in CameraRAW with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM + 1.4x zoom telephoto lens.  Camera info:  1/400s @ f/5.6, ISO 400, FL/280mm, Flash, Handheld.  RAW conversion, post-edit and artistic adjustments completed in PSE11.  Using an off-camera Speedlite maximized the iridescent quality of subject’s plumage, and provided the all-important catchlight in the subject’s eye.  Click on image to enlarge, and view enhanced detail.  


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